How to secure a high return with goinvestments

We connect you directly with the promoters of high return investments.

We feature high return investments

Inside our Investment Area, you’ll discover a range of investments that can often form a valuable part of a well diversified investment portfolio. 

Although most of the investments are offered by UK-based promoters, many of them accept overseas investment in a variety of currencies.

Some investments may be held within tax wrappers, such as ISA, SIPP and SSAS. 

And some are Sharia compliant.

We connect you directly with investment promoters

Crucially, we are not a selling agent.  We don’t employ sales people.  And we never favour one investment over any other.

When it comes to assessing an investment, we firmly believe you’re better communicating directly with an investment promoter, rather than via a selling agent. 

Experience has shown some selling agents may offer a slightly skewed view of an investment, maybe focusing more upon the potential returns and less upon the risks, perhaps as a result of being influenced by commission.  If you're offered cashback or some other incentive to invest, that's usually a red flag!

We believe it's vital you should be able to question investment promoters directly from inside our Investment Area, without external influence.  And whenever possible, we'll arrange for you to visit the promoter, as part of your due diligence investigations.

How we feature investments

Should a promoter wish to feature an investment in our Investment Area, we ask them to complete a detailed questionnaire, and to provide supporting documents. 

Our team then analyses the information.  It's been reviewing investments for many years.  It includes experienced investors and those with regulatory qualifications.  The research includes independent checks and at least one meeting with the promoter's investment people.

Ultimately, we only present an investment where we feel the promoter has provided sufficient due diligence to enable a professional adviser to form an opinion.

However, you should never rely solely upon an investment presentation.  After all, the words and documents featured in our Investment Area are provided by promoters who are keen to attract your investment.  We never comment or provide an opinion.  So as part of your wider due diligence investigations, you should run your own checks to confirm the validity of what's presented.

As part of that process, you should always consult your trusted professional advisers before investing your money, to ensure your chosen investment fully meets your needs.

Our service is free to use

You'll never be charged by us.  That’s because we're paid by promoters for investments generated by our site.  We don't actively promote or recommend any investment.  The suitability of any investment is entirely your responsibility and that of your advisers.

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